Monday Morning Medicine:

Monday Morning Medicine: Dear Gracious all knowing God. Thank you for this day and this moment to connect with you one more time in prayer. I am so grateful and thankful! Now God, touch us on this day that we might find ourselves empowered by your spirit to make decisions which is going to affect our whole life. Help us to choose the right way. Give us the guidance, and with it grant us the humble obedience to accept it. Help us on this day not to choose what we want to do, but what you all mighty God would like for us to do. Help us that we may not be swayed to far off to the left or to the right by fear or hope of gain, selfish love of ease or comfort, or personal ambition. Help us on this day in humbleness and obedience to say unto you: Lord what will you have for me to do? and then give the strength for us to make the right decision at the right time that we might, I might, do the right thing for your sake and glory. Bless us to be a blessing to your people. Amen.
Lifting The Veil Inc. Carson CA.