About LTV

Inspired by Booker T. Washington’s, “Lifting the Veil of Ignorance”, through education and industry, Mr. Byron Smith Sr.,  and the LTV team of inspired leaders are determined to motivate individuals and provide an uplifting and nurturing environment for therapeutic resolve. 

Lifting The Veil provides counseling, vocational training in basic Refrigeration/Air conditioning, mentoring, life skills training, spiritual formation training, parenting classes and counseling/life coaching and transitional housing for young adults homeless population.

Statement of Purpose

Lifting the Veil Inc., aims to empower adolescence/young adults and their families by offering mental health and educational services to instruct, motivate, and cultivate an attitude of excellence for a better quality of life.

Mission Statement

Lifting the Veil’s well provide counseling services, mentoring, life skills training, spiritual formation training, parenting classes for youth, and young adults and their families to create a positive and therapeutic context to allow adolescences and their families to make healthy choices for a healthier lifestyle.

 Byron L. Smith Sr., M.Div., M.A. (Professional Clinical Counselor Assoc.)

Byron Smith Sr. is a Professional Clinical Counselor Assoc.,  with 25 years of Pastoral experience helping individuals; couples, and families strengthen their ability to handle stressful challenges in life.  Byron possesses two Masters Degrees, one in Divinity and the other in Clinical Psychology.  Byron has also, worked over 3,000 hands on clinical hours working with substance abuse, Domestic Violence victims, abused, LGBTQ community, traumatized adolescence in foster care, and men and women in lacerated. Byron teaches as an Adjunct Professor at Azusa Pacific University Seminary where he teaches graduate level courses at the Los Angeles Regional Site. Where he is responsibilities include Pastoral Counseling and Church Health and collaborates with the LA Theology Program Director as a visiting lecturer and liaison between the LA Theology program and the community resources.   Byron fuses these two modalities together in his therapeutic approach for therapeutic resolve and healing.

Byron has extensive clinical training in treatment modalities that are evidenced based with proven results.  These include trauma focused therapy, seeking safety (substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder), and solution-focused therapy.  For the last two years he has worked at Junior Blind collaborating with the department of mental health to provide clinical care for foster youth and their families.

In addition to his clinical training Byron has invested the past two decades mastering the use of his spiritual training to inspire people to operate with an informed spiritual consciousness for a greater cause for humanity.  This work has included lecturing/teaching for Azusa Pacific University and the California School of Ministry in Southern California and serving as Chaplain in the men’s central Jail (Twin Towers) in down-town Los Angles.

Byron’s professional purpose includes educating and advocating for marginalized communities and assisting those receiving mental health services.  He makes it a priority to work with people that has been marginalized and struggles with trying to gain access to help and assistance.  He has served on various community boards for the city of Compton, Carson, San Pedro, and Pasadena to create programs and services giving hope to those in need of support and direction.  Specific populations he serves include individuals and families who have been affected by the criminal justice system, economic struggles, gender identification, abuse, adolescence in the foster care system, chemical dependency, educational deficiencies, ethnic and religious discrimination.  His concern for these vulnerable populations has encouraged projects with Los Angeles Voice, American Federation of Suicide Prevention, Chabad Residential Treatment Center, One Church One School partnership program, and Junior Blind of America.

“I don’t speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don’t have the power to remain silent”~A.Y. Kook