Monday Morning Medicine: Dear most Gracious and wonderful God. We thank you so much for being such a tentative God who understands all things and know all things so well. We thank you for knowing what we need even before we ask. We also thank you Lord for giving us the wisdom and the intellect to know that we can not do anything with out you. Therefore, Gracious God we come to you this morning asking you to order our footsteps this week and the weeks to come. If you find anything within us that would hinder us from walking, talking, or acting out in a way that would be contrary to you. Lord we ask, in the Name of Jesus, that you would fix the very things in our lives that need it. Remove anything within heart that would cause us to fall from your presence. Now Gracious God, after you removed and fix what is needed. Fill us with your Spirit on today that we would be strengthen enough to ask you for forgiveness of things we said, thought of, or acted out in our live that did not match up with your Spirit or you will. In addition, God bring us comfort, power, love, kindness, and understanding that we to, can in turn, give the same to your people. God it’s my prayer that you would be so Gracious to keep blessing us the way that we need to be blessed. Keep healing us that way we needed to be healed. In power us with you Love each and every second of the day that we to can continue to Love in such a way that would continue to put a shift in the atmosphere through out this world. We your people just want to put a smile and keep a smile on your face O Lord. So release us this morning to follow you each and every step of the way. As you bless us, I promise, we promise to be a blessings back to you, by blessing your people. In Jesus name I pray, we pray. Amen.
Lifting the Veil ministry Carson CA.
Lifting The Veil Ministries, Carson CA.

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