Monday Morning Medicine

Monday Morning Medicine: O Gracious mighty everlasting God. It’s so refreshing to know that no matter what yesterday or the day before was to your people. We know that we can count on you to be faithful. So I ask this morning gracious Lord to show your faithfulness to the families going through the loss of a loved one. O God, show yourself to be faithful to those who have been mistreated and grappling with forgiveness. Show yourself O faithful God to those who are broken at heart. Show yourself to be faithful and true to those who are in need of a healing and looking for a turn around in their physical condition and searching for comfort and a peace of mind. Show yourself and your faithfulness on today O loving God, to those who are looking for love in all the wrong places and has found themselves in a state of disappointment. Show your faithfulness to those who eyes are blind to the fact that you are the way the truth and the light for what we need to make it through this life and the life to come. Show your faithfulness most merciful and mighty God to your people that your name will get the Glory today and the days to come. In Jesus name I pray, we pray. Amen.

Lifting The Veil Ministries Carson CA.

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