10-27-2014 Monday Morning Medicine:

Monday Morning Medicine: Dear Gracious God. Thank you for keeping us through out the night while we laid down to sleep. We are so grateful to you, O God, because you touched us today with your finger of Love and has given us the strength to raise up, only to knell back to to talk with you this morning in prayer. Lord we come to say thank you. Thank you for all that you have done, all that you are doing, and all that You will do in our lives. Now Gracious Lord forgive us from our past that our past may no longer find its self as a holding cell, but a platform to testify about your Holy name. Give us the proper posture, the proper spirit, the proper intellect, the proper words of choice, the proper foot steps today to bring glory to your name. O Gracious God while your working on us today. Bless our country and other countries surrounding us with your unlimited Love. It does not matter how others may express their love to you, because I believe, we believe, that all things are in and under your control. Therefore, bless this world the way you see the need, that a cure may be find its way to heal all sicknesses and diseases. Like Ebola, cancer of all sorts, Lupus and any other illnesses that your people can not find a cure for. Bless this world that mental illness can be fixed and regulated. Bless this country and this world that abuse and violence will come to a stand still. Blessed this world that peace can be felt in every home and community, every state. Lord Bless America. As you bless us O Gracious Lord, I promise, we promise to be a blessing back to you by blessing your people. In Jesus name I pray, we pray. Amen.

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